New York artist Barbara Wolff, one of today's foremost illuminators, has exhibited at the New York Illustrators Club, The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University Museum, the Museum of Biblical Art, and—now—the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City.

She has produced several films on the techniques of manuscript illumination: "Prato Haggadah: Making of a Manuscript" for The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary, An illumination in the Rothschild Miscellany for the Israel Museum's permanent manuscript exhibit, For the Rose Haggadah show, "An Illuminated Manuscript for the 21st Century" and "Over Her Shoulder", an exploration of the artist drawing, painting and gilding of Psalm 104:33.

Wolff's botanical and natural science illustrations have also been featured in the Time-Life Nature Library and Golden Nature Guides; for publishers Harper Collins, Doubleday, and Scribners; and for institutional and corporate clients such as the New York Botanical Garden, Hoffmann-LaRoche, Xerox, and Ciba-Geigy. She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, The Society of Scribes, and the Society of Gilders.

Barbara Wolff

The Morgan celebrates the beauty and artistry of contemporary illumination in an exhibition of work by Barbara Wolff.

"For many museum-goers the use of rich gold and silver leaf to illuminate religious texts is an artistic practice that began—and ended— centuries ago. However, the process in all of its precision and beauty continues to this day, and a new exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum highlights the work of celebrated contemporary artist Barbara Wolff. The show includes ‘You Renew the Face of the Earth: Psalm 104’ and the Rose Haggadah. The manuscripts feature gold, silver, and platinum foils on vellum with imagery drawn from nature, archaeology, and religious custom in a 21st-century ode to the long history of Jewish illumination."

—The Society of Scribes &
Illuminators, London 3/15