A Rothschild Miscellany Page
A single page of the Rothschild Miscellany, one of the most important manuscripts in the museum's collection was used as the basis for the film. The recreation of that page presents the materials, tools, and techniques the original Renaissance artist and scribe would have used.

The film is part of the permanent exhibition of Jewish manuscripts of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

"Illuminating History"
What pigments did the artist use and how did he make them? What did the Prato Haggadah look like when its paint, calligraphy, and gold were still fresh and dazzling to the eye? This film shows how Barbara Wolff finished two of its pages.

"An Illuminated Haggadah for the 21st Century"
The materials, techniques, and stages the 14th century artist would have used to illuminate this manuscript is described in great detail in this film which was shown in conjunction with the exhibition, Hebrew Illumination for Our Time: The Art of Barbara Wolff, at the Morgan Library & Museum.

"Over Her Shoulder"
This 14 minute film reveals how artist and illuminator Barbara Wolff developed and executed "You Renew the Face of The Earth: Psalm 104." The camera follows the artist exploring ideas, sketching, painting, and gilding in gold and platinum. This unique film comes as close as we can get to peering over the shoulder of a 15th century artist creating an illuminated manuscript.