This complete series of ten facsimile illuminations, each signed and numbered by the artist, is now available in a limited edition of 100 boxed sets.

To view all the images in detail, visit the Psalm image gallery.

Four single facsimile Psalm prints are also available

Digitally printed with lightfast permanent inks on fine archival paper. Matted with 12” X 16” archival acid free board, ready for framing. These handsome prints, for $275 each, are unsigned.
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The only way to own or gift these ten remarkable Psalm 104 images is by purchasing this boxed set of archival prints. The price is $4,000. Once the edition has been sold out, this complete set of boxed and signed prints will no longer be available.

Each image is beautifully presented in an archival 12” X 16” 4pt. acid free mat suitable for framing. The art has been expertly photographed and digitally printed by master craftsmen, each signed and numbered by the artist. A 24 page, full color brochure describing the research and detail of each print, with essays by experts in the field of medieval art and biblical text, is included for study and pleasure.

A signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included in every box.

"Over Her Shoulder"
This remarkable 14 minute DVD is included with the boxed prints. The film reveals how artist and illuminator Barbara Wolff developed and executed Psalm 104. The camera follows the artist exploring ideas, sketching, painting and gilding in gold and platinum. Close-up details show her careful technique.

To purchase the boxed set, please contact the artist.

"Among The Branches They Sing"

The staggering number of migrating birds was a phenomenon even observed in ancient times and noted in the bible. Twenty-eight of these thousands are beautifully rendered among the branches of an ancient Tabor oak.

"Renew The Face Of The Earth"

We are reminded that the intricate chain which connects all living creatures will be renewed, with words that reflect a profound awareness of our finitude and an implicit faith in the eternity of creation.

"Leviathan Whom Thou Hast Formed"

Stretching out before the Psalmist is the Great Sea, the 'Sea in the Middle of the Earth', the Mediterranean. The vast dark blue of its waters teem with life in a myriad of amazing and diverse forms.

"I Will Sing Unto The Lord"

The Psalmist's final words are surrounded by twenty-three flowering wild plants. They grew in the fields and forests of ancient Israel in his time and still adorn the land to this day.

Commissioning Art

The precious manuscripts and artifacts which fill our museums represent more than a mere physical presence and the value of their materials. They embody the wish to create, to own something extraordinary, something memorable, something uniquely beautiful. They were designed to be treasured, to be viewed with pleasure and used with pride. Most often they were commissioned to honor one of life's milestones or to mark an event. As admired in their own time as they are today, they continue to resonate with the sentiments of those who commissioned them; love, honor, achievements, memory.

In our own time it is possible to continue the traditions of the patrons and artists of past generations and add to that precious community of Judaic treasures. To commission new works which combine ancient techniques with the vision of today, please contact the artist.